Monday, 12 March 2012

The Plan

As Carswell and Hannan stick to "The Plan", so Cameron sticks to "The Plan" where Afghanistan is involved.
And if, in both instances, "The Plan" is flawed?
In both there is an inherent belief. In the first, Carswell and Hannan propose the continuation of 'central control' - aka political elective/democratised dictatorship; and in the second, Cameron already knows that he has 'central control' - aka that same elective/democratised dictatorship
Referring to my preceding post and the 'suppose' questions contained therein, which "Plan" would you rather have? Theirs or mine?

Once again, just asking..............


Captain Ranty said...

The plan is to use force to free the uk.

Freemen free the UK.

PeterCharles said...

The explanation lies, I would say, in the same hubris I recall in one particular incident with T Blair in which he rounded on reporters with a comment on the lines of: 'I don't get you people always asking about that, it's not a problem any more, we've already sorted that out, it's been fixed.'

Never underestimate the capacity of politicians to espouse hope over reality, indeed switching one for the other.