Sunday, 25 March 2012

I hope my bank's cash machine has a 'foxtrot oscar' option*

Apparently the latest Cameron wheeze to extract money from the public is the idea that cash machines belonging to some banks will ask if you wish to denote to charity and a consideration is being given to the idea that supermarkets ask whether their customers might like to 'round up' their bill to the nearest pound; all proceeds being given to charity.

That our faux prime minister is forced to go cap in hand to his masters in Brussels to ensure that his wheeze does not infringe EU rules on state aid speaks volumes as to where the power lies in this country. The idiot that poses as our prime minister seems not to understand that many thousands of people already do voluntary work in this country - where for example does he think all the cars come from that carry out patient transportation to and from hospitals? Where does he think the minibuses come from that transport disabled and infirm pensioners to supermarkets and other shops? Where does he think all the work done to produce village fetes comes from?

Why should people donate when they have no idea of the recipient of their donation? Why should people donate to charities that are fake charities; the latter as in charities that are no more than a lobbying arm of government for government policies and EU policies? Why should people in effect be blackmailed when withdrawing their hard earned money and if they refuse be made to feel a pariah? Why should people be forced into what is communitarianism against their will?

David Cameron enacted, on 11th May 2010, what amounted to a 'coup' albeit without the use of force in order to enter 10 Downing Street - and if he refers to his history books he will quickly discover what happens to those who enact coups; especially when the people have had enough of being dictated to by an unprincipled, dishonourable, venal, egomaniac.

Just saying..............................

* No need to spell out 'foxtrot oscar' - a button which when pressed provides the following diagram would suffice:


Anonymous said...

Lust of fake charities.

TomTom said...

We already contribute to Bank Charities and have done so massively since 2007...that we now get to vote via ATM on Bailout Bonuses is an innovation

DeeDee99 said...

They won't get a penny from me.

I am being taxed to pay for Cameron's determination to thrown even more money at the EU (identified as up £1.8 billion in the Budget) and to shower Aid on the 3rd world.

At the same time, he refused to cancel the proposed 3p rise in fuel duty or to remove even a penny from the current 78% tax-greed levied per litre.

I will be saying NO at the cash machine and to any poor supermarket checkout who is forced to ask for money 'with menaces.'

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP111: True.

TT: And some will fall for it!

DD: I'm with you, as you know!

cuffleyburgers said...

My god is there really no limits to that idiot man's foolishness.

No wonder he had to become a politician he must have been useless enough as a PR expert.

Deeply depressing.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Hello cb, long time no hear......