Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Germany's failing environmental projects


Courtesy of Bishop Hill.

NB: Apologies, for some reason the link on BH goes straight to print - use the zoom feature to read.


Autonomous Mind said...

One of the reasons why I am considering giving up blogging is because prestige is becoming more rather than less of a factor in blogging.

To his credit, BH has publicised the Spiegel piece after a tip from one of his many readers. It has already attracted a large number of readers and 35 comments.

It is the same article written about on AM four days ago albeit, I like to think, with significantly more analysis and context - yet that didn't capture half the interest, or the attention of bloggers who share an interest in the subject.

Perhaps it's worth the effort any more. Time to do something else.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AM: "One of the reasons why I am considering giving up blogging...." - Don't you dare!

On a more serious note, I admit to having missed that post however have attempted to rectify matters as you will no doubt notice......