Tuesday, 6 March 2012

And who asked us?

Benedict Brogan writes in the Telegraph that the forthcoming Budget holds dangers for both Cameron and Osborne.
"The Coalition’s most senior figures are debating in public how to take money off the taxpayer....
And where exactly was it asked whether taxpayers agreed to this? 'Referism'?
".....after the politicians agreed to get it done before the Prime Minister and the Chancellor visit Washington next week for talks with Barack Obama."
And we agreed to the expenditure of public money on their air fares and other travel expenses, when?
"......has exposed deep divisions among Conservatives over the kind of party they want to be....."
Why - and how - can any political party seek a mandate from the electorate if they haven't decided that already?
"......this debate is driven by the forces of circumstance bearing down from all sides on the Conservatives..."
Following on from the preceding point, if political parties are 'driven' by forces of circumstance then they have no principles nor mandate.
"For a start, they have no majority and – in Mr Cameron’s eyes at least – are obliged to give room to the demands of the weakened Lib Dems as the price of keeping the Coalition together."
So, the majority party and their leader are prepared to forgo political principles in order to simply retain their hold on power and the privileges that that entails - and to hell with what is best for their country?
"The Chancellor is a natural showman........."
We dont want, or need, 'showman' - we need politicians!
"But he has been tempted by a Lib Dem offer – made explicit in recent days by Mr Clegg – to trade a reduction in the 50p rate (by how much is unclear but possibly to 45p) for a new mansion tax....."
So, the economic future of the country now depends on two parties forming a coalition, negotiating over a policy on which the public have no say, in order to continue exercising the reins of power?

Need I continue? The remainder of Brogan's article just illustrates that where the future of our country is concerned, be that economic or otherwise, matters not to our political elite - all that they are concerned with is retaining power and to hell with those that they are meant to serve.

Can we now have a serious debate about the merits of direct democracy vs representative democracy? Can we now have a serious debate about the merits of a form of democracy that negates all the foregoing shenanigans that passes for our present system? Can we now have a serious debate about a system that reverses the present situation whereby the politicians are in charge and the people are their servants? Can we now have a debate that brings a little common sense to the subject of how we wish our country to proceed?

Just asking................


giant bee said...

We dont want, or need, 'showman' - we need politicians!

We need neither..

TomTom said...

Osborne is not a showman, he is a smirking twerp who thinks he is clever but he appears to be a smug public schoolboy who does not have any technical expertise.

This Government is an affront having had 2 years to make a complete mess no wonder Brazil has decided to surpass the UK.

There is going to be a major crisis and Osborne is simply a lightweight who has done nothing to control Banks devastation of lives in Britain but is simply letting them bleed the populace

Captain Ranty said...

George Osbourne is quite a nice chap when you get to know him.

DeeDee99 said...

The Establishment is NEVER going to voluntarily release its grip on power over the serfs. It would take a revolution - and the British people haven't attempted that since the Peasants' Revolt.

The sad fact is, most people are ignorant, lazy and apathetic when it comes to our governance. They complain, but they won't cause themselves the slightest inconvenience in order to change anything.

That's why, for all the weaknesses WfW occasionally mentions, I support UKIP. Because the best we can hope for is that sufficient of the electorate stop voting LibLabCON to force some small steps towards change - starting with escape from the EU.

TomTom said...

the British people haven't attempted that since the Peasants' Revolt

Not true....it was coming in 1914 before war broke out. read up on The Triple Alliance and The Curragh Mutiny

Read up on General Sir Walter Walker and the Coup Plot

Read up on the Invergordon Mutiny

TomTom said...

is quite a nice chap

That is the kind of sloppy thinking prevalent in this country.

I prefer people who are EFFECTIVE and TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT to those who are "nice chaps"

WitteringsfromWitney said...

gb: well we do - but under our control - natch!

TT: Agreed and seconded!

DD99: And for the same reason I will support Ukip - much as I have disagreements with some of their utterances - so fear not........

TT:"nice chap" - agreed!