Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Travelling light

Back in the late '50s Cliff Richard had a 'hit single with a song called: "Travelling Light", the first words of the lyrics assuring us he had no bags or baggage to slow him down, that his feet were travelling so fast they didn't touch the ground. That is a message that our political elite continually preach to us; that they govern our country unencumbered and that they are working as fast as they can to make our country a better place.

As we all know that is a lie as they have ceded their ability to govern this country to the European Union. That all political parties do have 'bags and baggage' (their past record) that should, but doesn't 'slow them down'; that they give the impression they are working as quickly as they can to improve our country, so 'their feet don't touch the ground', is but a fallacy - yet it is one the electorate continually overlook come election time. Why? Because the MSM do not report all the facts, neither do our politicians tell us all the facts.

Recently I posted about Justine Greening's plans, on behalf of the Coalition, to improve our railways; to bring us the lowest fares possible; likewise I have posted on HS2. Of course, the fact the European Union is in the process of casting a new single European railway directive, to bring together the existing legislation, will have no bearing on what our 'government' wishes to do, will it? The press release by the EU on this subject can be read here. If one follows all the links on the TEN-T website in relation to rail it becomes obvious that the intention is to eventually impose a 'common' policy governing rolling stock, signalling, ticketing, fares, etc etc.

Do note that this decision was taken at a meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council, without discussion, and one has to ask just what the hell has 'transport' got to do with the JHA Council? Was this snippet of news published in our MSM? Was it even mentioned in Parliament? Was this proposed directive mentioned in Greening's parliamentary statement?

Oh I forgot, our politicians 'govern' our country....................

Lying bastards!

Still, y'all vote for them, come the next election, won't you?

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