Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Juvenile justice

Where children are concerned it could be said that the justice meted out is juvenile in that it beggars belief those adults within (and without) the system can believe it is reasoned.

I would direct readers to a post from PJCJournal-IanPJonPolitics in relation to the Hollie Grieg case, to which is linked that of Robert Green. IPJ's post contains a 40+ minute video which is well worth watching. That the MSM do not, or have been 'requested' not to, cover this case is illustrated by the fact that SKY, who had cameras present waiting for Ryan Giggs, did not want to know about Hollie Grieg. On that point, the remarks by Brian Gerrish in the video are most telling. That not one Scottish MP raises this matter in the HoC, coupled with the fact it is ignored by the MSM, would seem to also confirm the suspicion that an edict of silence exists from somewhere 'on high'.

The accusation of 'cover-up' because of the high-profile people involved in cases of abuse and paedophilia, an accusation made in the Hollie Grieg case, coupled with the accusation that court proceedings appear to get 'shut down' or 'diverted' when a clear connection to the elite arises is not, it seems, confined to this country as a very recent news item shows.

Without in any manner denigrating the importance of the Hollie Grieg case, it should also be remembered that week after week Christopher Booker, in his regular Sunday Telegraph columns, reports on the injustices of child protection courts - examples here, here, here, and here - in which judgments are handed down purely on assertions made by social services, assertions which parents are unable to question.

Digressing slightly, a post on Orphans of Liberty relating to a draft bill prepared by the Western Australian Mental Health Commission, leads one to question whether those who can devise such a bill - and those involved in the Hollie Grieg and child protection courts - are fit to live in civilised society.

Both IPJ in his post and Brian Gerrish in the video make reference to how close the UK justice system is becoming to a Soviet system where the state control over people is concerned. This raises questions such as how do we know that children removed from the parental home are cared for properly; how do we know they are still in the UK; if not already fostered, where are they kept if, as reported, an average of over 8,000 children were taken into care each year for the past three years? Do they attend normal schools or is special schooling provided - and if the latter exactly what type of education is provided; does the education provided meet statutory guidelines, or are they being educated to become model european citizens with a common purpose?

That the Hollie Greig case - and that of the child protection courts - leaves a nasty taste in the mouth cannot surely be denied. If questioned no doubt the powers that be will inform us that all decisions, both judicial and social, are taken with wisdom - yet there is an unpleasant smell starting to eminate.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau:
"There is no odour so bad as that which arises from goodness tainted"

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