Monday, 26 March 2012


Commenting on the story that the BBC's Television Centre is infested with rats, Richard North, EU Referendum, advises that the infestation is being blamed on 'neglect at the building'. The rats about which Richard North writes are of course the quadruped variety - but cannot the same accusation of 'neglect at the building' be levied where the proliferation of the biped variety are concerned in respect of our democracy and politics?

Nigel Farage (with apologies to RN for the use of bad language!) has maintained for a few years now that you cannot get a cigarette paper between the Lib/Lab/Con where policy is concerned - yet this is nothing new where that accusation is concerned. In his preceding post to the one linked to above, Richard North quotes from an article published in 1942, of events in 1939, its author being former Times foreign correspondent Douglas Reed:
"The electorate had seen that the Parliaments it returned always, invariably, did exactly the opposite of that which had been promised and that which it had been returned to do, and felt, furthermore, that there was no means of remedying this, because no clearcut difference was apparent between the two parties which faced each other in the House; appalling though the Tory Party's record was, the Labour Party offered no clear alternative."
Noticeably, the difference twixt then and now, is?

For 73 years then we, the people, have been complicit in the proliferation of these biped rats, rats which have been allowed to breed at a phenomenal rate, These rats have spread the diseases of misinformation, state dependency, social engineering, freedom diminution, destruction of sovereignty; to name but a few. It can be argued elsewhere whether this has come about as a result of our disinterest and/or ignorance, but one thing is now patently apparent - they must be culled to the point where not one remains.

When discussing our biped variety of rats one initially thinks of our politicians but we must also include their 'little helpers'. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures for the last quarter of 2011 showed that public sector employees amounted to 5,942 million and this report from 2010, citing a study by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (Investigative Journalism is, I suspect, an oxymoron - but I digress), illustrates many examples of the chief biped variety of rat - which is where a start can made.

It is unfortunate that we do not possess the modern-day equivalent of the Pied Piper, consequently a cull carried out by the masses will be necessary - of course, when you are ready and feel so inclined, masses. 

Perhaps a study by the masses of "Direct Democracy with Referism Macht Frei" might just stir some immediate action?

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Woodsy42 said...

There's a turn up! Are you sure it wasn't caused by global warming?
Maybe the propaganda is starting for a higher licence fee and taking precedent over the faerie stories?