Sunday, 3 July 2011

If this is democracy - then it sucks!

I have posted previously about the inadequacies of the present system of democracy caused by the control exerted by government, both national and local. We are told by the Coalition that power is to be devolved to the people in order that decisions can be made by local people - proposals that has been shown to be completely false with examples being quoted, within the Referendum and Localism Bills, where the voice of the people can be totally disregarded at the discretion of an "elected representative".

The ability of any politician to dictate the laws by which the people he/she represents are supposed to abide; especially when those laws have not been included in any manifesto on which that government was elected, amounts to what I have termed democratised dictatorship - a definition I believe is perfectly valid. Leave to one side, for the present, the fact that the greater percentage of laws enacted in this country are not those of our 'national' government, but are forced on our 'national' government by their adherence to the continuation of this country's membership of the European Union - although it is accepted that that fact must be included in the definition of democratised dictatorship. Coupled with this political dictatorship must be included the democratised dictatorship exerted by those bureaucratic officials on the public payroll who are employed by local authorities - not forgetting of course our fake charidies...... On the subject of democratised dictatorship within local authorities, I can but refer you to my post on the political mindset.

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on the decision - one being reported in the Mail - whereby "absent fathers" can have their passports and driving licences peremptorily confiscated. Christopher Booker, writing in the Daily Telegraph, highlights yet another example of draconian decision making by children's social services. MPs can propose the confiscation of essential documents - a means of identification - and bureaucrats dealing with child protection can walk roughshod over a basic tenet of a democracy? Just what the hell is going on in a country that is held to be the initiator of the system of democracy? The fact that our political system is shot to hell is brilliantly demonstrated by a post from CallingEngland, one in which she begins with "Tell me the old, old story". As an aside, I particularly like the description of Cameron's Conservatives: "As for the Conservatives, they've turned so far to the centre-ground that they're disappearing down the hole in the middle".

Reverting to the matter of this country's membership of the European Union one only has to read this report from EurActiv to understand just how little our present system of parliamentary democracy will become an even worse sham than it already is - and how, like that of Greece, our sovereignty will be massively limited - if it has not been already!

There are those who hold that peaceful change is possible within our political system through the use of the ballot box - to which my response is BO 11 LUX. It is becoming clearer by the day that the only method by which this country will save itself is through the efforts of the people who need to get off their arise from their sedentary position and start a good, old-fashioned revolution by taking to the streets and ousting this venal, incompetent and self-centred political elite who are undeniably suffocating not only our personal freedoms but also the ability of our country to prosper. What our nation needs, following the removal of what is fast becoming a mirror image of the Mafia, is a good dose of "Referism" topped up with a liberal use of referenda.

One can but hope that the GBP wake up to what is being done in their name before they find that their sedentary position has become fixed - and I would remind the GBP that when one is "fixed", it matters not whether it is a left boot or a right boot which keeps you there!


john in cheshire said...

Give everyone a half bottle of whisky and point them in the you want them to fight.

john in cheshire said...

" the direction you..."

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: to comments with one aim..... Yup, although I would give them twko bottles - one to drink and the other filled with petrol to throw!

microdave said...

to comments, twko bottles

I fear you've already consumed the contents of the first one!

john in cheshire said...

microdave, I take it you're being facetious.

john in cheshire said...

I may be old-but with some training, I reckon I could kill socialists and muslims without compunction.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

md: that obvious was it......? :)

jic: no md was just being honest.....!

Whats age got to do with pulling the trigger on an AK47?