Friday, 22 July 2011

Misplaced metaphor?

Reuters reports that Chris Huhne, during a speech at Chatham House said that World leaders who oppose a global agreement to tackle climate change are making a similar mistake to the one made by politicians who tried to appease Adolf Hitler before World War Two. He invoked the words of Churchill, that "an appeaser is someone that feeds a crocodile, hoping that it will eat him last."

Yesterday the European Union moved to create a fiscal government for eurozone members, meaning that there will now be a two-tier EU membership. History shows us that the insidious encroachment of national sovereignty never ceases, so how long before the two-tier becomes one-tier? 

Still wish to continue feeding the EU crocodile, Mr. Huhne?


Oldrightie said...

He's a crocodile, WoW.

Chuckles said...

Ah, the 'second class citizens' ploy again. Wonder how that will turn out?

cosmic said...

Huhne comes across like someone with religious mania. You must have faith, you must celebrate the faith, only that way lies salvation. Questioning the faith leads to utter damnation.

It's frightening that such a character is in an important position.

The reason that climate change is getting less attention now is down to Climategate and the IPCC scandals, the fact that most people see no evidence for dangerous warming and the ruinous costs of 'tackling climate change' are becoming apparent. It you don't have to look very far to see that if we continue to base our energy policy on 'tackling climate change' before long we are going to have rolling blackouts and be paying through the nose for the privilege.

Stuart said...

Don't recollect the Greek people being asked if they wanted their fiscal goverance taken over by the EU. But then the proles are stupid right?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Or: And where's Dundee when you want him?

C: The way it usually does?

c: Agreed and I believe temperatures have actually been falling?

S: What's new.......?