Tuesday, 12 July 2011


IanPJ on Politics (PJC Journal) has a must-read post on Localism and the EU; and as IPJ writes:
"Just watch Cameron and his cronies wrap this up in spin, announce how they are going to devolve power out from Westminster, bring it closer to the people, going to cut the size of government...."
I did have someting along the same lines in the pipeline, however will shelve it as IPJ has said it so much better and in greater detail! As a result I will limit my input to the "Open Public Services White Paper" which has been published, one which further expands on Cameron's "Big Society" idea. Do have a read as it is no more than communitarianism by another name.

The spin is immediately seen in the Foreward where Cameron and Clegg write that denying our fellow citizens fair access to these goods [public services] weakens the bonds which keep our nation together. What these two incompetent, controlling, blithering idiots don't admit is that it is immigration and the lack of self-governance that weakens the bonds which keep our nation together. He promises that the Brit-Stasi democratically elected representatives will hold providers to account, so not only does central government still retain control of the funding, they will also retain control of public services.

As with "EU Localism" so with "Cameron's Localism", both being one and the same thing - which means people, you are being taken for a ride. Again!

The stench from the cesspit in which we live, one created by our politicians, is becoming truly overpowering!


IanPJ said...

WfW, ta for the link, as always its appreciated.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

IPJ: In the spirit of Europeanisation of the UK: De rien.