Friday, 29 July 2011

Electoral Reform Society

A few days ago I noticed on Twitter a plea from the Electoral Reform Society asking for more members and after a few moments consideration I thought, Why not?

I have just received an email confirming that my membership has been accepted, the text of which I reproduce:
"Thank you for joining the Electoral Reform Society, it’s great to have you on board.There are big problems with politics in Britain; a disengaged and dissatisfied electorate; under-representation of women in parliament and a Medieval House of Lords - to name but a few. We look forward to working with all our members to build a democracy we can all be proud of."
They got the first example right, however if they think that the next two most pressing problems with our democracy are the under representation of women in parliament and a Medieval House of Lords, then I relish the opportunity of becoming involved in any debates that may be held.

That there is only one form of democracy for which I hanker is, I believe, now well known - and it sure as hell does not include the Electoral Reform Society!


PeterCharles said...

If enough like-minded and committed people join such organisations they could very well use those bodies to effect the political sea change we all desire.

We know this is so because it is how the 'progressives' have taken control of the BBC, education, universities, the civil service, the Royal Society, obviously the Electoral Reform Society and others over the last half century. The good old conquer from within strategy.

It has certainly been successful for them, they have managed to suborn all three main parties as well as the Establishment thus effectively taking ultimate power, only to hand it off to the Brussels puppet masters, of course.

On reflection it probably wouldn't work for those not of of the progressive persuasion for several reasons; they are natural exponents of the art and would see any counter conspiracies long before they could do any damage, they are both inclined and happy to labour away as one of the collective, gradually pushing their agenda and placing their 'people' in positions of power and influence over decades not caring if they should never personally see the fruition of their plans and they are always ready to spend their 'free' or personal time attending meetings, parties and get-togethers with the brothers in order to refine and push their agenda.

P.S. Welcome back.

cosmic said...

I don't regard the House of Lords as medieval, but horribly modern; riven with cronyism, bribery, venality and morons.

I wouldn't attempt justify to constructing a House of Lords on the basis which existed before Blair's half-baked 'reforms', but it did work surprisingly well and better than we've had since.

As regards the ERS, what's their position on the postal vote scam?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Firstly, thank you for your greeting!

Secondly, again I have to say: Agreed!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

c: There was nowt wrong with the HoL - it worked and was filled with people who had a sense of responsibility - and totally agree with your description of what we now have!

On your question - haven't a clue but will investigate......

Ian said...

Looked up ERS. What a rogue's gallery - the list of past vice-presidents is heavy with liberal-lefties and SNP hate-preachers.

Unsurprisingly it lobbied for AV. It wants 16 year olds to vote (for more pocket money?) It worries that current FPTP reform plans will hurt minorities who might vote Labour if only they bothered to register.

And it has has invited St Christopher, the Holy Truth-teller of Huhne, to speak at its LibDem conference fringe event in September.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

I: in the spirit of benevolence (spelling?) I decided not to go too much into the past of the ERS.........

I just knew someone would raise it!