Monday, 4 July 2011

Are the police over 'Orde' with their own self importance?

We will all recall the case of a police officer who received £30k compensation for failing a fitness test - and upon which subject Inspector Gadget comments.

Is it any wonder that ACPO, in the shape of their 'Head Honcho', is a tad concerned about Police Commissioners? It seems to me the sooner we lose a little 'Orde(r)' - and his 'quango' - in our law enforcement the better the implementation of what law we have. Perhaps we need some 'accelerated promotion' within the police force - IG to Chief Constable might help!


Anonymous said...

Well that's how the present incumbants got to the positions they hold only then it was called "fast tracking", if it's not one ideological group getting their placemen into high office it's another.
It would seem that promotion through professional performance is out the window.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: What I refer to as the new 'Orde(r)of things - since when did professional competence enter the equation?

That is no doubt how Hugh know who got to where is is!

James Higham said...

Rampant now - all over the country, "inanity and expense" is the name of the game.

PeterCharles said...

ACPO is not actually a Quango, it is a private limited company. In reality it is a Quango as it derives all its income from public money, halfish direct from the Home Office, the rest is contributed from individual police forces, presumably financed by local authorities. As a plc it was of course exempt from FOI demands and only those parts of its activities it wished to were made public.

I suspect it was originally set up to model the potential for a national police force, however, it is now to brought under FOI obligations which suggests it is no longer considered to be of importance in that role. Indeed its days may well be numbered.

You will be gratified to hear (news report at that it is currently in some danger of going bust.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Orde is a Common Purpose stooge.

TomTom said...

Orde is an MI5 link man from his time in N Ireland who had the current Met Commissioner as a contemporary on a Hendon training course.

Funny how MI5 gets its people atop the larger police forces, no doubt so they can install Northern Ireland tactics in Mainland policing....I do believe the Met has quite an affiliation with Belfast Political Police.

These guys are the arms and legs of MI5 which is why they need ACPO as a Limited Company

Company No. 03816000

Date of Incorporation: 29/07/1999

Didn't take Jack Straw long to set that one up !

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: expense? - try expanse!

PC: I know, I know...... And yes, I had seen its parlous financial state - unfortunately its still there!

SCP: Yup, realise that too.

TT: Thanks for that little gem - will follow up.....