Friday, 1 July 2011

We all know a "George Eustice", don't we

You know the type, someone with no ideas of their own but one willing to curry favour with the latest idea from their boss, actively promoting that idea in the hope that promotion will follow; the type who moistens his boss' rectum on arrival in the morning, continues the process during the working day and finishes with a little more 'moistening' prior to going home; the type who is always last to leave the office in the belief the boss will bestow a few kind words in his direction. Yup, we all know a "George Eustice", don't we? Richard North, EU Referendum, has posted on this man, linking to Calling England who highlighted Eustice's remark on Conservative Home - aka The Beano - that: "We now have a genuinely eurosceptic Prime Minister who is better placed to deliver than any of his predecessors, including Thatcher.......".

Cameron has decided that it is to the nation's benefit to remain a member of the European Union and to fight for change from within, no matter what problems it causes us and no matter what the cost - not only financially - but socially too. This from the man who was totally against the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty because it had not been put to the people; the man who stood on a Eurosceptic platform at the general election in 2010 and the man who promised that he would seek the return of certain powers to the nation. Of course, he could have guaranteed the return of all powers to the nation by the simple expedient of repealing the European Communities Act 1972, but I digress - again. Unfortunately for Cameron,in respect of that latter hope, he discovered the poodle he adopted in May 2010 has a tail which is far more powerful than its bark.

I would refer to a previous post, of a few days ago, in which I put forward the suggestion that George Eustice's "group" was a smoke and mirrors exercise with the aim of presenting Cameron as Eurosceptic, whilst at the same time allowing him to continue with his Europhile ways. The thought has since occured to me that Eustice may well be filling the role of a "stool pigeon", and thereby, whilst acting as an informant, is able to keep Cameron abreast of possible revolts come divisions in the HoC - it could even be said that in forming his "Group" Eustice is no more than a "Judas Goat" and thus mimicing his boss.

In any event it also has to be acknowledged that Cameron has an iron-hold on his party and it's MPs, the latter hold being that of the 'A' list system of candidature, a system from which many of them benefited. Norman Tebbitt has a post with a most relevant headline, one that reads: "David Cameron and CCHQ will happily communicate with the Tory grassroots – as long as they don't hear back.", a headline that superbly demonstrates that whilst he may publicly state he believes in democracy, he sure as hell has no intention of putting it into practice -  not within the nation and least of all within his own party.

It is also relevant to refer to another post from The Beano, authored by Jonathan Isaby and which is a follow up to his first, one on which I commented here which reported the views of 6 Conservative MEPs who were elected in 2009. When asked about their Eurosceptism, not one of these 6 sycophants mentions withdrawal, with some of them dutifully following the "Cameron line" of trying to effect change from within. Some of the 6 bemoan that fact that EU legislation is not subject to more scrutiny - something which is but pure spin. Having now spent two years in the "Brussels Bubble"surely even they know that whilst a Regulation has to be implemented as written - in which case there ain't much point in scrutiny - a directive does leave a Member State with leeway, but only the leeway which affords the ability to "gold-plate" - ie, adding a few additional requirements - however, as with a Regulation, the requirements of a Directive also need implementing without deviance, which again begs the question as to the benefit of scrutiny.

Returning to what can only be described as the sickening topic of George Eustice, all that can be said is he demonstrates the despicable characteristics of David Cameron and the pseudo-Conservative Party - of which there are a few exceptions - and worthy of mention of these are deceit, from which stems a lack of honour and principle. Our political parties are riddled with the same despicable characteristics and whilst not condoning the actions of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, if we no longer have a party which has previously stood for Queen and Country, then we truly are up the creek without a paddle.

It must now be obvious to even the blind that the sooner we swim to shore and then not only get rid of those that are part of the present political arena, but that we also get rid of the cesspool in which they live.

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