Monday, 18 July 2011


We learn today that it will be possible for candidates to stand at the next general election under both the Conservative emblem and that of the Liberal Democrats.

So what I posted on here and here has now become possible. When we have a left-leaning Conservative (oxymoron, I know), why am I not surprised?

Assuming that the 'sheeple' awake from their slumbers, now that we have five main parties one has to wonder which will be number two - the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the Liberal Conservatives or Labour*

* You never know, miracles do happen............


PeterCharles said...

Ah no I think you are wrong there. If this goes into action we would have more than five potential parties.

There would also be the Liberal Labour, the Conservative UKIP and potentially the Labour UKIP parties.

There would also be more scope for the Independent Conservatives, Independent Labour and Independent Liberals where there is a local cause celebre like a closing hospital.

Less likely are the Labour BNP (most BNP are ex-Labour, after all), the Liberal UKIP and so on.

Just another law no one has actually considered the consequences of, it's what politicians do.

Mind you can see Nick Clegg's reasoning easily enough, chances are there won't be any LibDems returned at the next election unless they can hang on to someone else's coat tails. Even better for them, if they field both Liberal Conservatives and Liberal Labour candidates which ever lot gets in will guarantee their presence in government.

Utter madness.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: I stand suitably chastened but in my defense, I only got 5 'O' levels thus not learning to count beyond 5....... :)

Edward Spalton said...

I would have thought that the recent Scottish by-election result demonstrated that close association with the Lib Dems indicated a profound political death wish.

Perhaps it should be granted.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

ES: Nice one!