Monday, 11 July 2011

Another exercise in 'tailoring' by the political elite?

Or, in other words, are the electorate possibly going to be stitched up yet again like the proverbial kipper - if David Owen is correct in his thoughts.

Leaving to one side the question of whether Nick Clegg returns to Brussels as a Commissioner or not - personally, I wish he would "go to Hell"* - Owen's article raises two fundamental points in respect of our so-called democracy.

First, we have the situation whereby the political elite would be playing ping-pong with our nation's future, what internal policies we have left; and doing both without the express will of the people (not that there is anything new in that). One coalition has already been foisted on the country without our agreement and if Owen is correct, so would be another.

Second, it would show that Ed Milliband is, as with most politicians, a two-faced rat; especially when one recalls this reported statement - mind you, it would explain the idea being floated of Clegg's return to Brussels. It also illustrates, yet again, that political principles mean nowt when the lure of power is in the offing.

It has just occured to me there is also a third point; and that is do we really wish to place the future of our country - and us - in the hands of a failed politician who has been a member of a previously incompetent government? Oh, hang on, err.........

* Brussels being Hell on earth.............

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