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The Concise Oxford Dictionary: Oath; a solemn declaration or undertaking as to the truth of something or a commitment to future action.

On 6th July Edward Spalton had a letter published in the Derby Telegraph, prompted by the "Bombardier"* incident, of which part read:
"So Bombardier is in a long line of British companies and workers who have been consistently rejected by British governments in the name of “EU rules”. We may well ask “Whose side are they on?” From the beginning of the very idea of the EU, British politicians were willing to sacrifice British jobs and industry. Mutual confidence between members of society and their government depends upon good faith. To mark particularly important commitments, people make oaths and solemn declarations - from the Brownies and the Cub Scouts upwards. Policemen and Judges swear to uphold the law impartially, jury men and women to deliver a true verdict, witnesses to tell the truth. Whilst it doesn't always happen that way, we all depend upon the general triumph of good faith for a reasonably civilised, secure life.

On Armed Forces Day, we honoured the willingness of service men and women to fight on our behalf, even at risk of their lives. Soldiers swear an oath “....I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen.... and defend her against all enemies and will obey all orders of Her Majesty...and of the generals and other officers set over me”. Over 350 people have recently died, keeping that oath in Afghanistan. An oath is administered to cabinet ministers when they become Privy Counsellors. It starts in a similar way and concludes “....You will to your utmost bear faith and allegiance to the Queen's Majesty; and will assist and defend all civil and temporal jurisdictions... granted to Her Majesty and annexed to the Crown.....against all foreign princes, persons, prelates, states or potentates and generally in all things you will do as a faithful and true servant ought to do to Her Majesty. So help you God”.

Ministers, who took this oath, made the Queen and all of us into subjects of the European Union, bound to obey dictates of its officials whom we did not elect and cannot dismiss. This is the rottenness at the heart of the state which betrayed the workers at Bombardier and many other firms.The soldiers kept their oaths to defend the sovereignty of the Crown, and so of the country, against all comers. Yet the ministers who give them orders in the Queen's name do not keep theirs.
 Of the many quotations used by Eurosceptics to make their case it is worth repeating one, used by Edward Spalton in his letter, from a Conservative Party politician:
"No government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice that any adequate plan must involve. The British people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences...."
Peter Thorneycroft, later Chancellor of the Exchequer, in “Design for Europe” 1947
That statement has, it would seem, formed the basis for deceit after deceit practised by our political elite on the people of our nation - and not just in the 'European' context. The "mutual confidence" to which Edward Spalton refers in his letter can be also described as "trust"; and for decades politicians have betrayed that trust given them by the British people. In any 'marriage' - and it can be argued that the relationship of politicians and the people is such a 'marriage' - by now, the wronged party would have instigated divorce proceedings, receiving substantial 'damages'.

In fact where the relationship of politician and people is concerned, we are continually asked by our politicians: "Trust in me"; which reminds me of the following from Jungle Book - and it needs no prompting on my part for readers to judge which is the politician and which is the people!

Which brings me back to my post preceding this one - Why do we allow this situation to continue? If our politicians are unable to keep a solemn oath to their monarch, how can we expect them to keep any oath made to the common people?

In which case, why the hell don't we issue each and every one of them with the equivalent of a P45? 

* On this subject, it is interesting that Christopher Booker, in his usual Sunday Telegraph column, today includes further examples of how the loss of British manufacturing capability came about.


john in cheshire said...

As has been said many times before, what is being done to us in not accidental, it is not unavoidable but it is deliberate. The Bombardier treachery is just the latest in a very long line of actions to deprive our people their rights. And contracts can always be renegotiated, re- bid, and re-awarded. To say otherwise is just a lie.
And just remember how viciously Germany fought against Vodafone purchasing Mannesman.And that was just teutonic jingoism and it nearly won. I can't imagine our government ever coming to the defence of our industries in such a way.

Radio Free Britain said...

That is the perfect video for this post, it made me laugh :) V

TomTom said...

Well now that they are talking of a 1.5 TRILLION EURO Fund to save Italy the wheels are off the waggon. Italy has one of the highest savings rates in Europe but it can bring down Germany and France.

I wonder if they will plunge us into 1931 again - in which case I can see politicians actually dying violent deaths. Italy receives £35/million a month for use of airbases to bomb Libya......£1.2 TRILLION is real money - the GDP of the UK

Our Media and Parliament inhabit a dream world

The Gray Monk said...

Democracy in the west has long been a total illusion, alongside the Roman "Bread and Circuses" - except in the UK/Europe it is now "Social Welfare and Football/Sport."

Look carefully at Whitehall and Westminster. There is nothing honest about either, the civil service is the real power in the land, not the morons we elect who are just the frontmen and fall guys. Take a good look and you find dynastic tendencies - permanent politicians and their sons, grandsons and great grandsons And daughters etc ...) all holding office. The same is happening in the civil service - the sons, etc., of top civil servants tend to have the finest education, then entree to the worlds most protected careers and power positions.

Yes, there has long been a "conspiracy" to bind the UK to Europe - one reason for the drastic cuts in Defence is to make it essential to become a part of an EU Defence Bloc. It does go back to the 1930's and the Fabian Society's declared intent to "bring about a Socialist State in Britain through re-education, undermining of the institutions of the state from within, and the gradual introduction of socialist ideals at every level." Read their literature and weep - and these are the people who now live in the Palace of Westminster and control Whitehall, the media (Especially the BBC!) and the Education system.

It is probably far to late to even think of leaving Europe. The Bombadier case is simply one example of how quickly the UK can and will be brought to its knees if we rock the boat too much.

Why are our "Establishment" politicians and civil servants so keen on this? Simple - it will ensure that they and they alone remain in power - anyone who "rocks the boat" or threatens their hold on it is very quickly sidelined and shown the error of their ways. Why are 'Ministers' always the ones to "fall on their swords?" Simple, because if they attempt to take the Civil Servant responsible for the debacle with them - the government and thus the whole elected part of the establishment - will be brought down by a flood of damaging 'leaks' from the Civil Service.

THis is a cut throat business - anyone who questions the direction of this "ever closer union" and thus threatens the cementing of power, is very quickly and very effectively driven into the wilderness and, if not silenced, no longer given access to any mainstream media platform.

Welcome to the world government of the 21st Century - a Socialist Model, run by entrenched bureaucrats and their 'elected" Pay Masters for their own mutual benefit. The "Bread and Circuses" will continue and the "masses" as Lenin called us, will simply do as we're told as long as we can have our illusion of "freedom" and "democracy."

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Agreed.

RFB: Glad it raised a smile.

TT: As ever, you make valid points - well said!

TGM: You too re valid points! Also agree unfortunately with your last paragrap, which probably why the masses have not stirred!

cjw_1954 said...

Is there a list of the members of the Quatermass conspiracy that has succeeded in reducing us to the state of passive obedience we have now reached? Obviously Vidkun Heath was the leader, and my paranoia was stirred when I read he was Chief Whip at the time of Suez. Then there was the odious Frau Williams admitting the existence of secret meetings of fellow conspirators before 1972. As they've mostly taken human form (don't laugh) it's hard to tell them apart from the ones who are just in it for the money or a chance to pose in their underpants.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

cjw: There probably is such a list, however storage problems on my lap top do not allow space to list them all!