Friday, 1 July 2011

A question or two......

With the furore created by the local politicians at Stony Stratford to enact a ruling that smoking outside is to be banned, a question or two:

1. Being a believer in the idea of "Localism", when were the people of Stony Stratford asked whether they favoured such a ban?

2. Is anyone able to source any autopsy procedure that shows death can be caused by the harmful effects resulting from breathing smoke from someone else’s cigarette, cigar or pipe?

3. Can anyone source an autopsy procedure which proves death was the result of cancer caused by smoking or breathing second-hand smoke?

I do not deny that to some the aroma of smoke is disdainful, neither do I deny that smoking results in shortness of breath and ailments that may, or may not, be conducive to good health.

However, I for one can only hope that from the ASH of pseudo-science the truth will be discovered……..

On the 'fag-end' of all the posts by other bloggers on this subject, I will 'butt' out of the discussion.


Ian said...

Wouldn't be surprised if the smokists soon become as hysterical and violent as the warmists.

john in cheshire said...

WfW, I don't smoke but I don't have a problem with people who do. And I believe that there should be a choice in everything. But smoking in the street, should not be subject to a blanket ban; to do so is yet another nail in the coffin of liberty. Having said that i'm not totally logical in my beliefs of what should be permitted; muslim attire, for example, should be confined to the homes of those who practise that form of cultish belief.
That little rant apart, it would appear to me; judging by the socialist friends that I have; intolerance is a significant socialist trait; and quite aggressively too.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

I: They already have.....!

jic: Yup, socialists seem to know nothing but intolerance!

Anonymous said...

Any one who does not agree with the current socialist paradigm is immediately dubbed a Nazi, extreme Right Wing or Fascist.

This has its origins in the Soviet-Hitler pact, when they fell out over Poland. Stalin then termed the National Socialists(Nazi) as Right Wing fascists.

chris edwards said...

Is there any autopsy proof that smoking is harmfull at all? I doubt the tumors have signs from tobacco companies on them what is sure is that children from smoking parents are vastly more prone to asthma, and there are many instances of night club singers who did not smoke themselves getting lung cancer and im sure their day job did not involve aspestos. I find some smokers are arrogent and dictatorial to an insane degree, they have no more righte to pollute the air and harm themselves that non smokers do to a clean and safe enviroment but smokers abandoned respect first, insisting they smoke in smoke free areas so what did they expect?? I see this as a school yard squabble and now teacher has taken away the ball! being a government ban we all loose, maybe some smokers lost a little bit more but it has given the government the taste of getting away, maybe praised for being nanny and that is never good.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP111: Agree with your first para - on your second para: if you say so.......

ce: Not too sure from whence you coming, but a few comments on what you say:

tobacco signs on tumors is a tad juvenile if you will forgive my saying so.

You seem to be implying that second hand smoke is harmful and causes cancer. I repeat my original question then, what autopsy procedure actually proves this?

On asbestos you seem to be unaware that white asbestos is not harmful, only blue and brown.

Smokers arrogant? And what about the non-smoking brigade like ASH? ASH aren't arrogant - using false stats etc?