Thursday, 14 July 2011

The infamous 274 - Number 3

Enter Adam Afriyie, Member of Parliament for Windsor.

According to TheyWorkForYou this MP has voted very strongly against further EU integration, with a break down of those votes here.

It should be inconceivable then that he would vote to increase our bung to the IMF, when he must know that the ultimate destination of that money is to one of the eurozone countries in debt. When an MP switches tack on a particular subject it is usually through sever arm-twisting by his party's whips or he/she has been 'bought' with the promise of support for any pet project he/she may have.

In Afriyie's case could this be with his campaign and gripe about the present expenses system? Hmmmm.......


outsider said...

Sorry but I just do not see why someone who is sceptical about Brussels should necessarily also want to pull out of the IMF.
OK, some of the extra money might be misspent trying to prop up the euro, but I reckon that would be a stronger reason for China or the USA, which are contributing much more to bolster the IMF's resources, to be outraged.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

o: Who said owt about pulling out of the IMF?

At a time when the country is broke we should not be subsidising anyone else, friend or foe.

In any event, if someone professes to be anti-EU, why agree to any money going to it?

Methinks your argument is built on sand.......