Friday, 15 July 2011

The infamous 274 - Number 4

As a member of the not-to-the-right Conservative Party, it may be opportune to say enter stage left: Peter Aldous.

Richard North, EU Referendum, has already covered his 'mentalism' on the 'enviro' front and looking at his voting record I would add it is also obvious that the man was selected as a candidate for his voting fodder potential. From Wikipedia it is noted that his family owns farms and if any readers in that area can enlighten this blog whether applications have been made to site wind turbines on these farms, it would be greatly appreciated - not that I'm insinuating owt, of course.......


PeterCharles said...

Well since this person is a proud and out europhile, greeny nut social democrat pretending to be a Conservative I don't suppose you can really criticise him for voting in the interests of the EU to our own British detriment. Treat him with the contempt he deserves and metaphorically spit upon him, yes.

This series is a good anti-EU attack by Dr. North, but limited numbers make for limited impact. How much better it would be if the local paper in these areas ran the story or a paper with large circulation did so, you'd be able to hear the polies screams in Australia.

Maybe it will give UKIP pause for thought as to more effective ways to get their message across, say leafleting or fly-posting constituencies when similar EU based voting occurs, maybe an Anti-British Wall of Shame website could be set up.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Points accepted. Oddly enough NF is giving a talk in Witney on Tuesday - which no-one in Witney knew about until 3 days ago..... I despair, I really do!

Needless to say I have a few things to say to our Nigel.......!

microdave said...

"How much better it would be if the local paper in these areas ran the story"

@ PeterCharles - there's precious little chance of that happening. Have a look at a post I did recently and note the connection with publishing group Archant.

Please note that the language used at MF is stronger than WfW would allow here!

PeterCharles said...

Ah microdave, I know there is little chance of any local paper running a story against a sitting MP, unless there is criminal or venal activity involved, it's just not done, don't you know.

Woodsy42 said...

A political wall of shame website showing how the not-conservatives have voted on EU and carbon tax matters is a very good idea.
We tend to see each treasonable vote individually and have become inured to the situation. Richard North is doing a good job listing them but that's a blog. Having them collected together in one place might be quite an eye opener for people.