Thursday, 7 July 2011

NoTW and VoTW

The news of the world one day, contradicted by the views of the world the following day.

Yesterday on Twitter there were calls for the blood of the NoTW, Rebekah Brooks and both Murdochs, yet today there are calls of anguish about job losses. As IPJ on Politics asks: "What's the difference between NoTW phone hacking and Government phone snooping?". As IPJ points out: "The only difference is that one is illegal and designed to sell newspapers, the other supposedly legal and designed to do it simply because they can.".

I am not condoning the 'alleged' actions - and let us remember that at the moment the actions are just that: 'alleged' - of the NoTW; likewise we need to remember that some of our political elite do not look as if they will emerge from this smelling of roses either; and I refer to this article by Peter Oborne. Why also would Tony Blair's 'minders' not want his meeting with Rebekah Brooks filmed?

Reverting to IPJ's post - and in regard to MPs - perhaps those in glass houses shouldn't etc etc? It is also noticeable that until it was hinted that politicians may have been the subject of phone-hacking did those same politicians then sit up and take notice. Whether or not phone-hacking of politician's phones did take place, those in public office should have nothing to hide so one has to ask why the furore over their phones - or have they also something to hide? It also appears from news reports that certain police officers are implicated in receiving payment for information supplied by them to the news media.

Most paint manufacturers market one shade of their products as 'Brilliant White'; and it would not surprise me that in the course of investigations very few of the media and political elite will have been shown to have used 'Brilliant White' - more likely they used 'Brilliant Grey'!


TomTom said...

NoW should have been closed down decades ago. From being a respectable Victorian newspaper it was trashed by Murdoch just as he trashed the Daily Herald which became The Sun.

Newspapers are dying so it is time some were dead

IanPJ said...

Ta for the link. appreciated.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Closed down? On what basis is that question asked by one who I thought believed in free speech and the freedom of choice?

IPJ: My pleasure -and a good post!