Wednesday, 27 July 2011


To coin a phrase........

Anthony Browne, former Brussels correspondent for The Times and now policy advisor to Boris Johnson, has an article on Conservative Home - another in the series of "I love the EU but don't want to/cannot admit it".

Browne is right to highlight that it is both irrational and hypocritical to call for powers to be devolved down at the UK level, but simultaneously centralised at a European level, but misses the point that rationality and principle have never featured very much where political decisions are made. In his article Browne argues that the debate about the EU should, in fact, be about what powers are held at what level.

Just what is it that those like Browne do not understand? For the United Kingdom to be a sovereign nation means that any questions about what powers should lie where, stop at our borders!

To paraphrase from an earlier post, one in which I quoted from EUReferendum, when the time comes for blood to be spilt, politicians and their sycophants really are fair game!

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