Monday, 2 April 2012

Whats good for the goose etc, etc.

In common with the public perception of politicians as devious, untruthful, hypocritical people of questionable parentage, William Hague does not disappoint with his comment piece in today's Daily Telegraph. By maintaining that the Falkland Islanders have the right to determine their own political and economic future, Hague denies to us in Britain that which, if push comes to shove, he would ask us to fight for.

It will not have escaped the attention of readers that when it comes to defending our nation, politicians are most noticeable by their absence from the front line of battle. Politicians continually inform us that they want our respect yet seem to forget that it cannot be learned, purchased or acquired - it can only be earned; and so far they have earned squat-diddly.

Just saying...............


john in cheshire said...

At least the Royal Family make a gesture in fulfilling their duties towards us the citizens (subjects) or our nation, by sending their children into some form of service in the forces. When was the last time we saw a politician offer their children up for military service? I'd say never is the answer.

Edward Spalton said...

The post war generation grew up with politicians of all parties who had done their bit in one or both of the wars.

As a Major, Clement Attlee (the Labour victor of 1945) had been a highly regarded soldier in WWI. His company was selected for steadiness and the last to leave Gallipoli. He was the next to last British soldier to leave - the last being General Maude. It's all right to lead a retreat from the rear!

When Denis Healey (former Defence Minister) was asked to name his greatest achievement, he said it was to forbid the use of air power in the war with Indonesia in Borneo. He had seen too much "collateral damage" in WWII to sanction it and the forces were made to comply.

And, of course, for years the archetypal Conservative MP was the officer and gentleman who had a "good war". As they faded away, there was a definite policy by Heath (himself with a distinguished war record, let us not forget) to go down market so that Conservative candidates would be "more like those they represent".

They would also be more attracted to the system of perks and pensions which was built up from 1971 - with the result foreseen by Enoch Powell - the more a parliamentary seat became like a pensioned career, the greater would be the attraction and the therefore the control exercised by the party selectors. This would change the relationship between the MP and his party to one of greater subservience and similarly of Parliament to government when his party was in power.

Enoch was right!

Robert said...

Hague or some other politician will sell out the Falkland Islands when the time is right (for them).

TomTom said...

Hague is a fake and always was but appealed to the Tory Party with his music hall act. He is a total fraud and a ridiculous figure

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Yup, you're probably right.

ES: Enoch most definitely was!

R: Agreed - that is a 'given'!

TT: Yup, I too was fooled initially and similarly with Carswell and Hannan!