Monday, 2 April 2012

Ed Miliband - a la Cameron - a bloody liar!

All our politicians speak of governing us and governing for the many not the few, the latest example being Ed Miliband while launching his party's local manifesto for the forthcoming elections in May. According to Politics Home he stated that he will govern for the whole country, not just the wealthy few. As with all statements issued by the political elite, Ed Miliband has blatantly lied to the British public.

Ed Miliband can no more govern this country - as cannot any other party leader - than can you or I, as he and they have been party to ceding that governance to Brussels through our membership of the EU. Even if we were to accept that Miliband could govern this country as a sovereign nation, through our membership of the EU he would be governing not just for the whole country, but also for the wealthy few - in Brussels.

EU Commissioner's pay scales are specified in this document and their basic monthly salaries are fixed at 112.5% of the top European civil service grade. This works out at 19,909.89. The President is paid at 138% (€24,422.80), Vice Presidents at 125% (€22,122.10) and the High Representative at 130% €23,006.98. Viewed in 'real' money those figures convert to £16,529.29 (£198,351.48 per annum); £20,275.14 (£243,301.68 per annum); £18,368.90 (£220,426.80 per annum); and £19,103.68 (£229,244.16 Per annum). There are further allowances on top of this figure including a residency allowance and an entertainment allowance. Now, there are 18 Commissioners, 7 Vice Presidents, Ashton and Barroso - you go do the maths.

Just saying - not that Miliband's lies will be mentioned in the MSM of course..........


PeterCharles said...

You also failed to point out that like the Kinnocks we don't just pay for a Commissioner, we have to employ his wife and children as well.

As I have also said before, the only time any government might rule in the interests of the public will be when the alternative is being chased through the streets by a mob baying for blood, only then might our 'representative' democracy actually be representative, not that any of the cowardly scum would stay in politics should things go that far.

Anonymous said...

It's the arrogance of these freeloaders that angers me WfW.

We look around Europe today and see the bloody mess it is in and TPTB's only answer is that we need more of the incompetents who landed us in the present state.

These morons couldn't run a pee-up in a brewery - why they think that they deserve the salaries they steal from us is beyond me.

TomTom said...

Which 20 year old wrote the Manifesto ? As for the EU - how did dimwit Daniel Korski get £150,000pa from Catherine Ashton to "advise" her ?

Will he get 26 weeks vacation like her Embassy Staff ?

Anonymous said...

We are not just serfs in our nation, but our nation itself is a vassal state.

Too much has to set right, and this cannot be done within the limitations of the system.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Kinnock: I did, albeit obliquely in a following post.

BJ: I can but refer you to a response to a comment of yours on a later post.

TT: Miliband (?) who has the mental ability of a 20 year old. Ashton, who is a similar dimwit? No doubt he will!

DP111: Correct which is why as I posted later the entire edifice needs pulling down and rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

WfW: Correct which is why as I posted later the entire edifice needs pulling down and rebuilt.

The edifice will come crumbling down when Germans are asked to pay the bill that their leaders have committed them to. When that happens, and it will, as Spain and Portugal have yet to be saved, the EU will fall.

This will be a seismic shock to the governing elite. It will open a window of opportunity to lay out that

1. Representative democracy is what got us into the mess.

2. Representative democracy does not work as professional politicians, with guaranteed pensions, can never ever represent the people.

3. Politicians have lost touch with people. Future politicians should offer themselves for election as a civic duty to the nation, using their spare time (As in CH). Limit terms to 4 years at most. They must hold a proper job so they never loose touch with the people.

4. Referendums decide all policies and taxation ie the law.

Politician's job is to monitor that civil servants are obeying the law - social, and tax and spend.

The fall of the EU will lead to the slaying of three monsters.

In a way, the Euro crisis is a good for our cause, as it will be the undoing of the EU.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP111: Fair points and noted for future discussion.