Wednesday, 4 April 2012

In Europe, but not run by Europe

The phrase coined, I believe, by William Hague during his short sojourn as Leader of what was then also not the Conservative Party.

Earlier this evening William Hague tweeted:
"Two weeks left to apply for a career in #EU civil service this year. We encourage more Brits to join EU institutions"
From that website we learn that the EU civil service needs to employ highly motivated, talented and ambitious individuals - and, unsaid, people who will be required to work for the good of the EU, as do EU Commissioners have to agree so to do.

And Hague believes we should be 'In Europe, but not run by Europe'?

Hague is a bastard Europhile!


The Boiling Frog said...

Agreed about Mr Hague WfW, though phrase was in Tory manifesto 1997. The Tory EU nonsense has a long history

James Higham said...

Of course he is. There was a time Andrew Allison thought he was not but that's long gone.

farmland as an investment said...

There ought to be a bunch of Brits who who enter the EU civil service, and then undermine it from the inside.

TomTom said...

There ought to be a bunch of Brits who who enter the EU civil service, and then undermine it from the inside.

Impossible - cogs find it hard to do anything but rotate.

DeeDee99 said...

I guess, if they were put on a rack and forced to come clean, they would say that this is part of their 'strategy' to reform the EU - from within.

It won't work of course because as soon as 'our' civil servants get a Eurocrat's remuneration and perks, they go native - just like their political masters.

The EU is unreformable. They don't want it reformed.

The only way is OUT and not one of our main party Leaders, will do that. So UKIP it is - and cause havoc at the next GE.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TBF: In which case I stand corrected.

JH: Been obvious for some time now.

faai: Nice idea but as TT says, impossible.

TT: Agreed.

DD: Agreed and disillusioned as I am with Ukip at present if I have to vote which I must then Ukip it must be.

Anonymous said...

Dear WfW,

Just wondering if you might be able to decode the initials that you have provided for the above verbal exchange.



mikebravo said...

He is also a filthy chutney ferret.

Anonymous said...

mikebravo: "filthy chutney ferret"

Never heard that one before, the English Language, what would we do without it?