Monday, 2 April 2012

In all the chatter, where is mention of truth or honesty?

The front page of today's Daily Telegraph is plastered with the news that Tory MPs have 'rounded' on Cameron and Osborne, being angry over the budget and the fuel fiasco. According to the article MPs are demanding (i) overhaul of the 'Downing Street Machine; (ii) the ending of Osborne's dual role as Chancellor and head of Tory political strategy; (iii) the appointment of a senior MP as full time party chairman; and (iv) that the ministerial reshuffle should be used to promote more MPs from working class and northern backgrounds. All this and more is called for in order that the Tory party can reconnect with voters and thus retain their confidence. In the editorial the newspaper warns that voters have no time for political manoeuvring citing the 'granny tax', extension of VAT on pasties and the fuel fiasco.

Nowhere in the article, nor the editorial, do the words 'truth' or 'honesty' appear;  nowhere in the article, nor the editorial, is it made plain that our politicians lie to us on a daily basis; nowhere in the article, nor the editorial, is it made plain that politicians of all hues act and behave as an elected dictatorship - all that those quoted are concerned with is how to save their party and (unspoken) their careers.

And politicians strive to reconnect with the electorate? The only way that politicians will reconnect with the electorate is for the entire present edifice of politics to be torn down and rebuilt - and to that end a movement will hopefully begin.

Democracy Excrement, whether portrayed as a rose, a tree or a bird, remains just that - excrement!

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TomTom said...

Did not mention Kevin McGuire of the Daily Mirror being hired by Cameron to speak to the masses....why didn't he simply ask the maid or the butler what the proles are upset about ?